Thursday, 2. February 2017
Meet Isabella Hahn, Austrian delegation

Hello, my name is Isabella Hahn, most of my friends call me Isi. I am 19 years old and live in Vienna. I have a younger sister she is 17. Because self-descriptions are not easy for me I asked my friends, how I am. They said I am chatty, helpful, kind and tolerant. (And I am to fast at talking and walking (the rhyme was a coincident, but I like rhymes)). My Hobbies are baking, cooking and I really love to read. When I was younger I did horse-riding, and at the moment I am doing a bit ballet.
A friend of mine joined peacecamp last year, he was really enthusiastic about it, and told me a lot. That was the impetus for me to join peacecamp, but I also hope to get experience and hear from other countries. Second I hope to be able to answer the last question "What can you do in the future to promote peace in your own country" after peacecamp. At the moment I don't really know what I can contribute for peacecamp, but I am sure there are things and I will get them during peacecamp.