Meet Silvio Gutkowski, workshop "large group"

I am Silvio Gutkowski.
From 2007 I conduct the Large group session in the 4 Peace Camp.
Next july 2017 I’ll be with you again and I hope we will do a very important piece of work together.
For that I prepare myself already, thinking about who are the new students, and members of the strong event?
With hope to meet all of you for a full personal and collective experience, and waiting to our next july in Lackenhof , send my best regards. Silvio

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Meet Gerald Muthsam, Workshop video4peace

Mein Name ist Gerald Muthsam. Ich lebe im Norden von Österreich. Das Foto wurde heuer in den letzten Wintertagen aufgenommen. Beim Peacecamp wird vermutlich warmes Sommerwetter sein.
Ich freue mich sehr, dass ich auch heuer wieder dabei sein darf. Ich bin mittlerweile das elfte Mal beim Peacecamp dabei. Bei den ersten drei Peacecamps habe ich Outdoor-, Video- und Fotoworkshops gehalten. So wie die letzten Jahre werde ich heuer eine Videodokumentation vom Peacecamp drehen.
Ich freue mich auf euer Kommen und bin mir sicher, dass es wieder ein großartiges Erlebnis werden wird.
Bis bald,

Hi, my name is Gerald Muthsam. I am living in the Northern part of Austria. This photo was taken in the last days of winter. peacecamp will bring warm summer weather, I suppose.
I am very happy to be at peacecamp again, this will already be my eleventh peacecamp. At my first three peacecamps I led Outdoor- , Video- and Photo workshops. As in last years I will produce a video documentation.
I am looking forward to meeting you and am sure that it will be a wonderful experience again.
See you soon

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Meet AnnPhie Fritz, Workshop Art&Outdoor4peace

Hi, my name is AnnPhie, I´m an actress and a writer, based in Vienna, with stops in Berlin and around the world, because I love to travel. This will be my fourth Peacecamp and I am excited to getting to know all of you, we will be moving, dancing, acting... I won´t lie: You will sweat and you´ll curse me at times, but I promise, it will be totally worth it and great fun. See you soon, stay awesome! <3

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