Sunday, 26. February 2017
Assignments for the workshops "Life Story Book" and "Culture Evening"

Assignment for the Workshop “Life Story Book”

• Please bring your personal real, not virtual (!) life story book with photos, documents and texts about your family and origins. You may want to show us a poem, a song, an anecdote about your personal family/ family members. You may want to make a family tree, or bring drawings, pictures or any other objects or documents portraying your family members, their countries of origins, languages spoken in your family, etc. Please bring ONE PERSONAL OBJECT that symbolizes your personal link to your family or to a particular family member.

Assignment Culture evening

Each group is requested to prepare a culture evening meant to convey in a joyful, creative, amusing, informative way what is special about their group. Feel free to create a picture of your own country/culture with all its particular features. You may want to bring/show us bits of music, art, literature, history, geography, important places, popular modes of entertainment, food – anything that belongs to your own country/culture that you identify with and are proud of.