Tuesday, 18. April 2017
Meet Alexandra Lux, workshop Talks4peace

Hi everybody!

I´m Alexandra Lux. We will meet in Talks4Peace and I´m really looking forward to that. I met Evelyn and Ronny many years ago through Markus (who´s also part of our team). I visited Peacecamp several times and this year is the 5th one where I will participate actively in one of the workshops.
I´m an Austrian high school teacher for Mathematics and History in a school near Vienna. This year two of my former students come to Peacecamp, too. I´m interested in working on the issue of finding ways of living peacefully together (with having historical developments in mind) and I´m interested in working with students.
In previous Peacecamps I found it always very enriching to learn about different point of views from the students, getting a little insight in the challenges of their daily lives and their opinions about peace issues. It´s a gift to see how the time at Peacecamp itself and sometimes even our work there have some impact on their opinions and their lives. And I´m pretty sure that this year will be a very special experience for all of us again.
I´ll participate only part-time in Talks4Peace actively as Markus and I have our little son with us. His name is Aaron, he´s 4 years old (4 years and 4 months to be precise ;-) and it´s his 5th Peacecamp now, too. He loves playing football, hide and seek, making fun, talking, singing. And he loves being at Peacecamp… He´s usually a little shy in the beginning and needs time to warm up. It´s even likely that he will scream at you and bluster. That´s his way at the moment to deal with new situations and means he is a little bit frightened and doesn´t know how what do do. Not such a big difference of how some adults behave in situations that frighten them. So don´t hesitate if you´d like to play with him, just keep it rolling and help him to learn that strangers can become friends! In Lackenhof he loves to play with the huge balls in the gym, so that´s a pretty easy way of getting in touch with him. Oh yes, he loves words and talking and singing! He even knows some words in English already. Would be fantastic if he´d learn some new words or songs in different languages from you 
See you soon!
P.S. I´m already so much looking forward to see your videos!!!!